Hurricane Relief

Living in socal all my life I've never had to worry about major natural disasters or severe storms. We may have earthquakes but they are few and far between and rarely do damage. The local news can't go a complete segment without reminding you of the horrid conditions in and around Houston Texas. I couldn't imagine the feeling of being completely helpless and washed out from my home with nothing but the clothes on my back and whatever I could carry. Thousands of people have been stranded or displaced with the possibility of their homes and personal belongings left behind as a total loss. If I were ever if need of aid I can only hope the people around me would offer help. So with that being said it's time to raid the closet you know as well I as do there's a fair amount of clothes in great condition that either don't fit or fit your style anymore. 

Here's where the brewing community comes in Arrow Lodge, Alosta and Santum are collecting items to send over to victims of hurricane Harvey. Now through Sunday reach into your sock drawer drop off donations and have pint for a good cause. And give your local brewery a follow on social media platforms to stay in the know about things to come. Cheers!


(I'm am not a professional writer in any way so please excuse the poor grammar and punctuation)

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