Split Batch "Hazy Pale Ale"

I really enjoy splitting up a batch of beer it gives me a chance to really experiment and compare hop and yeast profiles. Our most recent batch was a 10g "hazy" pale ale target was around 6% abv and 40ibu comprised of

50% 2 row
29% Maris Otter
7% Flaked barley
14% Flaked Oats

I label it hazy and not Northeast because I plan to use White labs CalV and Safale US05 not a Vermont strain or something similar. I'm not looking for any kind of yeast expression or esters in this batch just a easy drinking medium body hoppy beer, the hazy appearance is just to appease crowds 😜

-1/15/18- Mash Temp 152F Strike temp 170F pH 5.4 60min duration
-Gravity post mash 1.078 / Pre Boil 1.057 / OG 1.067

Hops- 1oz magnum at 60mins 3oz Galaxy whirlpool at 175F for 15mins

Yeast- White Labs CalV WLP051 2L starter / Safale 2xUS-05 

CalV- 5oz of Galaxy Dry hops near FG 4 days prior to kegging cold crashing final 72hs
US-05 will get 2.5oz Equinox, 2oz Loral & 3/4oz El Dorado dry hopped using the same technique

-1/29/18- Both beers into kegs

You can see the difference yeast can make the left image is US-05 which finished at 1.012 and the right image is White Labs CalV finished 1.016. Nothing out of the ordinary as we have used both strains countless times but when I play around with  hop combos its good to know what to expect from your yeast. 


Appearance - "hazy" pale yellow to golden color its what i would expect load up on the proteins create polyphenols in your mash and hop oils and un-isomerized alpha acids will bond and create permanent haze. There are some yeast left in suspension not nearly as much as those east coast yeast strains 

Aroma - Fruity a little dank tropical I would say, the galaxy side of the batch is much sharper very green aroma letting this one sit and mature would be ideal. The hop blend side is a treat already more delicate on the nose and not so green. 

Taste - Galaxy side/WLP051 - bell pepper and slightly grassy, fruity with a decent hop bite, I can detect a small amount of sulfur which could of been a product of the fast primary fermentation time and the yeast not totally cleaning up after themselves. (side note I started to notice tiny hop particles resting at the bottom of my glass from the samples I would pull, turns out the fine mesh hop bag that we used to filter the beer while transferring had a small hole)

El Dorado/Loral/Equinox/US-05 - delicious clean and hoppy, El dorado hops come through and complements the range of citrus provided by the loral and equinox well. Some lemon and tea light flavors but nothing big enough to really distract your palate. No fermentation off flavors but lacking a bit on the malt

Mouthfeel - Galaxy side/WLP051- the higher FG and slightly more turbid body of the beer balance well with the hops. What the US05 version is lacking in a malt profile is present with the CalV yeast. Its subtle but the added sweetness really provides a lasting presence on your palate.

El Dorado/Loral/Equinox/US-05 - Slightly thinner would be an excellent name for this beer and it proven when you have a taste. Its not a splash and go by all means it has good mouthfeel but when being compared side by side to wlp051 it just comes up short. But thats not really a bad thing right?

(after letting both beers age for a little over a week the tiny hop particles dropped out and the sharp hop bite cleared. The minor sulfur flavor I was picking up I managed to clean up also by swirling the beer and venting the keg a few times.)

(CalV left US-05 right)

Final Thoughts

Since this batch was made primarily for a friends family gathering I didn't want to stray to far from the norm. The idea of making something everyone could enjoy seemed simple enough and I think is shows in my recipe and process. Beer drinkers and non beer drinkers really seemed to prefer the Galaxy side with the wlp051 which was also no surprise Galaxy is an absolute gem of a hop to use. 




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