Quick Sour Gose


Recently I’ve been craving light low abv sours like a good Berliner Weisse or a fruity gose. With only a couple attempts at a sour in the past which usually stems from ending a Brew day with some extra wort and some sour bottle dregs. I’ve read through American Sour Beers by Michael Tonsmeire a couple times so I feel comfortable with the process I plan to use.

I will be brewing this beer along with a English/American IPa hybrid for my sisters college graduation party. She requested something with passion fruit but unable to find some at local markets I figured a blend of tropical fruits would be just as good. We have an old glass carboy we use specifically for sour beers and this time instead of relying on ambient temp to keep the beer warm during acidification, I purchased a fermawrap an a additional temp controller to keep the wort nice and warm over night.

A few days prior I made a starter from an old lacto slurry just to check viability before adding a new lacto culture

Now for the recipe

Yet to be name Gose 5.5g BIAB
1.044SG - 1.010FG 4.4%abv
6lbs - Pilsner
3lbs - White wheat
1lbs - Acid Malt
3/4oz - Coriander
12g - Himalayan Sea Salt

ECY32 Lacto Brevis
Wyeast 1007 German Ale in secondary

7 gallons into kettle
Strike @155*F
Mashed @148*F for 60mins
Initial ph was around 6 added a cap full of lactic acid brought it to 5.1-5.2
Mash out @168*F

45min boil
Irish moss @15
Yeast nutrient @15
Coriander @5
Sea salt @5

Chilled down to 100*F
Collected 5.5gallons
NO o2
Pitched slurry and brevis strain

The fermawarp did an awesome job holding the temp or the wort. I set it to 90*F and every time I checked it was within a degree of the set temp.

18hrs in looks like I had a small blow over something I didn’t expect..the possibility of some sacc yeast still alive in a year old lacto slurry seemed unlikely.
I replaced the 3piece airlock with a blow off tube just in case it wasn’t done

Little to no activity coming from the blow off, removed it and replaced with a clean 3 piece airlock

Pulled a small sample to taste and to verify ph
Flavor somewhat worty with a bright acidity, ph of 3.1 (awesome) Sour power is there but less noticeable I assume because a large portion of the beer in still unfermented. I didn’t bother with a gravity reading my feelings we that at this point it’s a bit unnecessary as I’m about to transfer and pitch the german ale strain.
I transferred onto a mix of kiwi, red mango and yellow mango. About a 1 1/2lbs of fruit total. Added a large dose of pure o2 and pitched the 1007 german strain set the fermenter to 67*F

5 days into secondary
For the first couple days there was strong activity since c02 production has been minimal so after 5 days I decided to pull a sample for a gravity check.
Turns out I was sitting pretty at 1.010 which was great because I was scheduled to travel to Portland in less than a week. This means I could keg the beer and do any flavor adjustments when I return if need be.
Initial flavors were great nice bright sour with some mild citrus and stone fruit undertones. Overall I was happy but I wanted more of a tropical presence

Since I was going to be out of town for 7 days I didn’t want the beer to be fully carbonated by the time I got back. So I set the reg to around 5psi in hopes it’s enough to keep it fresh but not completely carbonated.

When I returned home I pulled a glass to check on the gose...boom this thing is sour! This beer taste great but may not appeal to everyone at the upcoming party so I picked up 2 1lbs bags of sprouts frozen tropical fruity medley. Bags contained a good mix of pineapple, mango and strawberry, I mashed up the fruit just a little and placed it into a large fine mesh hop bag and tossed it into the keg.

A day later I checked on the beer and it was perfect. The strawberry added a awesome blush color and the flavor was just what I was looking for. The sugars from the pineapple cut down the acidity just enough and the aroma was similar to a sour candy. Totally not to style but it didn’t matter for a group of around 50 people some of whom aren’t familiar to sour beers it did really well. 3 gallons of my English/American Ipa and 3 gallons of the sour were consumed by the end of the night.

I didn’t save the yeast slurry this time around but I will be making this recipe again before the end of summer


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