Pressure Pils & Imperial Dry Hop yeast

Double batch brew Day seems to be a more common occurrence recently . The warmer weather here in socal has me craving some light flavorful beers. So we opted for a session ipa and a hoppy lager. Aiming for 4.5% and 6.5% abv respectively made perfect sense to make use of that big bag of Azacca leafs from @yakimavalleyhops. Looking ahead fermenting a lager and an ale in the same temp controlled chamber is not so much of a good idea. I put together a spunding valve that will allow me to ferment the lager under pressure and at ale temps. Having just listened to beersmith podcast on this subject I felt rather inspired. Imperial yeast “dry hop” was used for the session ipa, and wlp830 for the lager. 

On the beersmith podcast experiments were completed fermenting under varying pressures 1bar ,2bar and 0. Higher pressure seems to suppress the distinct lager characteristics based on their flavor analysis. So I plan to ferment just under 1bar around 12psi in hopes to preserve some esters from WLP830 German Lager from White Labs.

Recipe is kept fairly simple 92% Pilsner Malt and 8% Vienna some Santiam in the boil and some Azacca leafs in the end. 

I also planned to BIAB this batch so I can try and pull off a modified Pilsner step mash schedule. 


The Session IPA was really planned around the chance to make a beer with some Imperial Yeast Dry Hop strain. I though if I make a robust beer or something hazy loaded with hops the odds of picking up flavors from the yeast is slim to none. I have a goto IPA recipe I often use when trying out new hops. It’s slightly more malty than something you would expect in a smash or hop series beer but I prefer to evaluate hops this way (yeast in this case). 


A few days before Brew Day I spun up the German Lager yeast in a 1.5L starter took off quickly and settled out so I didn’t have to crash it.

Imperial Yeast doesn’t recommend making a starter so now worries there.



Session IPA 5.5g 

4.5%abv 1.044OG 50IBU

7.8lbs 2 row

1lbs Cara-pils

7oz Munich 20L

8oz Crystal 40L


Mashed in @152 60min Sacc 

Fly sparge @165 collected a little over 7g

.5oz Ahtanum @60

.5oz Ahtanum @30

1oz Azacca Leaf @flameout 

4oz Azacca Leaf @175*

chilled to 70* added some pure o2 pitch the Dry Hop strain cold like the package suggest

Set to ferment at 67* in keezer


Pressure Pils 5.5g BIAB

5.4%abv 1.051SG 60IBU

11lbs Pilsner Malt

1lbs Vienna 


7.5g water into kettle

Acid Rest @95* 5mins

Protein rest @125* 15mins

Sacc rest @148* 45mins

Mash out @170* 10mins


1oz Santiam @60

1oz Santiam @45

3oz Azacca leaf @175*

Chilled to 70* added pure o2 decanted starter pitched and set spunding valve to 12psi



Imperial yeast Dry Hop ripped through the session strength wort. Raised temp to 70* for a d-rest



Decided not to rack to secondary added 3oz of Azacca pellets placed the fermenter in our fridge to start crash cooling. 


Pressure pils is still active agitated the keg a bit to make sure Spunding valve was still working and hasn’t plugged up from krausen. 



Kegged session IPA finished at 1.010


pulled a sample from the pressure pils via a siphon 1.015 and starting to carbonate

Lowered the pressure on the spunding valve to 5psi swirled the keg 



Pulled another sample of the pressure pils down to 1.010 and looking remarkably clear. Pushed the yeast out the liquid line of the keg and added 3oz of Azacca leafs to the keg using a fine mesh hop bag and a weight to hold them down into the beer. 



Transferred the pils to a clean keg, connected gas to finish carbing up and to cool. 


Tasting notes


Session IPA

Looks great nice golden color moderate amount of chill haze 

Mouthfeel is thin little bit of dry bread malt character needs more body

Super fruit and floral aroma but nothing tropical

Flavors are herbal,citrus a little bit of tangerine, yeast character is substantial and very similar to a Trois IMO


Pressure Pils

Love it! Nice clarity little bit of chill haze light golden color

Mouthfeel is right where I wanted light crisp

Flavors are a bright citrus, bitterness is restrained but still present. German yeast character is good but not great I can’t really complain I did dry hop it. No off flavors to speak off maybe the slightest hint of diacetyl 


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